The thing I hate the most about people these days is that you can like them and they pretend that you may have a chance with them but you find out that they have been leading you on all along and they couldn’t care less. Or that you like think you like someone and they just shoot you down before anything ever happens without considering your feeling. I have a lot of feeling too!

Last football game was dreadful!! I waved at my crush and he looked but he looked away just as quickly. He can’t even look me in the eyes anymore. Oh, and me and a group of friends were chatting with the other band there and I got told that I was the cutest little gay kid…I mean really??? I may be cute but that don’t mean that I am gay. Then they decided to pull a “bi” guy over there to talk to me and turns out that I almost started to like him, after he decided to pick me up and carry me halfway to their bleachers, before he looked me straight in the eye and said “I’m straight”. Come to find out that it was my sisters ex boyfriend and being the person I am, I am not going to put in a lot of thought that I almost liked my sisters ex. Worse part about it was, me and her look almost exactly alike…so if me and him were to date then he would basically be dating me sister again and not me. Just thinking about that gives me chills and the urge to vomit.

If anyone asks if you want to hear the starburst story…don’t do it….its really gross….its not for virgin ears….

I think I got that out of my system…i hope…

http://theguyliner.com/2014/03/19/the-rise-of-the-flirtatious-straight-man-the-five-types-to-look-out-for/        (Thanks Mrs. Ruble)

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